Residential Master Planning

Makaira Landscape is a turnkey operation that can fulfill the complete landscape for your property and then maintain it and enrich it for years to come.  Our residential master planning involves the full spectrum of services all focused on an integrated plan that establishes your concept and meets with your personal taste.  The service includes:


The landscape is a valued part of every home or office setting. At Makaira we take special care to enhance this exterior space in a way that compliments and adds to the quality of the indoor space while creating a separate living experience outside.


Makaira can recommend and conceptualize this transitional space with creative markers that close off the old and open into the new. We can recommend hard signage and entry monuments along with the landscaping to distinguish and create character for a new space whether it is as small as the entry of a courtyard or the opening of a neighborhood subdivision.


At Makaira Landscape we pay particular attention to the scale of the courtyard with an eye toward developing the space in proportion to the surroundings and integrating the concept into the entire landscape and arthitectural environment. We look for transitional elements that create a flow from one aspect or space to the next whereing monumental or minified cadences will echo the entirety of the project.


Fountains are often the focal point of a beautiful landscape whether they are placed against a brick wall or surrounded by a spring in the middle of your courtyard. They not only add an element of bubbling beauty but they can also backboard a comforting white noise that pulls you away from the busy world into a space all your own.


Our creative services can show you what your pool will look like before a spec of dirt is moved! We believe that all pools should be created to blend aesthetically and creatively with its natural surroundings for the best possible backyard environment.

Outdoor Kitchens

Our knowledgeable team has experience with the design and construction of all sizes and varieties of outdoor kitchen whether the purpose is to create a cozy family space or a lavish spread to entertain the fussiest of friends. We enjoy our work and that keen interest will be more than evident as your project takes shape and becomes the new focus of your private grounds.