The entry is an important part of a landscape. Makaira addresses an entry as a special place where you are transitioned from the world you were in, to the home you are investing in. Entry concepts are where the experience of your landscape begins.


Makaira can create this transitional space with creative markers that close off the old and open into the new.  We can recommend signage and entry monuments. We will also create a landscape to distinguish and create character for a new space whether it is as small as the entry of a courtyard or the opening of a neighborhood subdivision.

Our creative use of hardscape interwined with your landscape is also geared to provide visual and noise barriers for the project area.  For neighborhoods we often use unique fencing materials and plants to define boundaries for the subdivision and create a sense of enclosure while with the smaller spaces any variety of architectural textures in combination with ground plants and vines or trellises can be just the perfect passage.