Courtyards and Gardens

The courtyard is typically a cozy space set apart by implied walls whether free standing or a part of the physical architecture surrounding the space.  With any variety of uses these spaces all tend to have some things in common including a feeling of insulation from the surroundings and a sense of space not unlike the indoor counterpart.

At Makaira Landscape we pay particular attention to the scale of the courtyard with an eye toward developing the space in proportion to the surroundings and integrating the concept into the entire landscape and arthitectural environment.  We look for transitional elements that create a flow from one aspect or space to the next monumental our minified cadences will echo the entirety of the project.  The use of brick walls, trellises or even hanging vines can emancipate the center and create the most comfortable spaces ever known.  And the addition of a focal point in the form of a grand sclupture or beautiful fountain can create a feeling of warmth and invitation that draws guests throughout the day and throughout the year.

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